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Welcome to my Red Dot Ticks. I have created a teaching tool for those working with children and the public. I have a set Black-legged Deer Tick, Lone Star tick, Dog Tick, Longicornis or Longhorned Tick.

I call then Red Dot Ticks for the red dot on their backs. This is for children to touch and sense perhaps a possible size, feel, of a tick on the bodies and then be trained to respond immediately to there guardian or parent to deal with. Or even brush off their bodies before tick attaches. This is a teaching tool only. Each tick is designed to express their different likenesses as best I can. These Red Dot ticks are by David R Thomas or "RED DOT Ticks by DT" as I call them. I hope one day to mass-produce these throughout the world as teaching tools. But for now, they are only as time allows and supply lasts.

Teaching Tick tools

1 Deer, 1 Lone star, 1 Dog, 1 Longicornis Ticks

Teaching Tick tools


Tickease Tick remover system that everybody in the world would love to have. I have received permission to sell these here at D&L Thomas and Through Challenge and Lyme advocates.

You can purchase this product from me for the same price but with tax and shipping included. 11.99.


Tickease Tick puller