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I recently was read by Amber Stewart who sent me an article about Canine RA.

She asked me to share this article. As soon as I read it I was compelled to share this article with you, with her permission. Her request was struck from my Blog post " Canine Sentry?? ".That follows.

( Published 9/16/2015 )

I was reading up in Lyme Basics this morning at I lifted a paragraph that struck my mind as another useful CANINE tool for mapping Tick related illness concentrations. I feel it is a good one. Remember Your best friend has been known for years as a century for trouble to come. That article follows. " The risk of getting Lyme disease is often reflected in risk maps. Some maps show the number of human cases of Lyme disease reported for surveillance. These maps may not accurately reflect risk because only 10% of reportable Lyme cases are currently captured by CDC surveillance. Other risk maps show the number of infected ticks that researchers have collected in a certain area. These maps are often not accurate because many states and counties have done little or no testing of ticks in the area. The best maps of risk may be CANINE MAPS. This is because dogs are routinely screened for Lyme disease through a nationwide program as well as the close association of dogs with humans." ---- Interesting Hah ( Published 9/16/2015)


Arthritis in Dogs / RA

Taken from this great page. 7/12/2020

Dog Arthritis – What is It?

I’m sure you’ve heard of arthritis in humans – the inflammation of joints that make for an uncomfortable experience in everyday living. Did you know dogs are just as susceptible to arthritis as well? In fact, one in five dogs will experience arthritis in their lifetime. Most often affecting senior dogs, this degenerative joint disease takes many forms; however, the most common type of arthritis in dogs is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is arthritis affecting multiple joints – the pain and discomfort felt as a result of arthritis is disruptive to daily life. In most cases of osteoarthritis, the cause of pain is the constant and abnormal rubbing within the joints due to joint instability. --- continued on the link at

I cannot do this article justice here.

So go to the link for some great info for canine RA help and the rest of this article.

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