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Hello presenter team, I wanted to share the video of the school presentations with you all. Thank you so very much for all your hard work, we could not have asked for a better team, you guys rock!

We’ve been authorized by Waverly, NY’s. Kyle Ackland to share this with you, and you may post it on your website if you see fit.


Theresa Theresa Pipher, MLS

Market Research Specialist

Dawnbreaker, Inc.

(585) 617-6201

(607) 948-4252 (Waverly Office)



Hello all,

I wrote the following letter before the Lyme walk and thought it is time for another update. My wife and I made it to the Lyme walk and we were happy with the and interest taking place in the general community. They were seeking info about and some wondering if they could have it even after being told by their GP or MD that they most definitely do not I am confident that they are now more informed to make better decisions for their health. What a beautiful campus the Corning Community College is also. The walk was a complete success thanks to and Pres. Linda Berry Wales and her wonderful crew.

As for the lady looking to get her husband tested. The test is positive and now onto the next step. They now have an appointment with Since then I have talked with a couple of families I went to one thinking I was talking about the man of the house and ended up suspecting the whole family is infected. We are working on that at this time.

I also had time to make a video of my grandson's birthday present in hopes of perhaps generating some help along the way. I will do that with a YouTube video shortly. After the video or sometime down the road. If you feel you would like to help out in this fight for sufferers and future sufferers. I will follow the Video with some addresses you can donate to help. Three of them will be Non-profits and tax deductible, and the other will be my own address which is not set up for that.

Here the video and a journey through my birthday present.

 If you would like to donate to A Hope 4 Lyme. You can go to and they have a link that will take you there.

If you would like to donate to the Lyme disease association. You can

click here and click their Donations button and a form will appear.

And I thought I would include a link for International Lyme and Infectious Diseases Society ( you can go to help them out with their great work in training and educating the medical and communities.

And then there is little ole me. If you would like to send a little my way for what I am doing. Please send it to D&L THOMAS, 410 1/2, South Lehigh Ave., Sayre, Pa. 18840. Please don't send me your last dime. Remember I am not a tax deductible operation. I hope you enjoyed the video.

You can enjoy more of my YouTube videos at my YouTube channel David R Thomas. Have fun.


I have been busy at I thought I would share a couple of my successes that I feel good about. Among my many Lyme conversations around the internet world. I recently had a meeting with the Valley Clergy in my area as I was invited to give a presentation on Lyme disease. I was fortunate to have a PowerPoint presentation from and one of my new best friends, Linda Wales whom I like working closely with. The clergy sent me an email saying it was a good presentation. It was short but to the point, and a bit of 15 to 20 min I was allowed. I felt good about it. I also helped, through baby steps of getting a Lyme sufferer help through her own Doctor, and tested starting a couple years ago. That Doctor learning from the first positive test told another Lyme sufferer that I have been trying to get tested to set them up with an Igenex test that Igenex has entrusted me with for those who feel that route is right for them at this time. That is in also. I have also received two letters. One from Senator Robert Casey, and another from Senator Pat Toomey for letting them know of the Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Prevention, Education, and Research Act (S. 1503). We are now preparing for the ahope4lyme walk at Corning Community College on 9/20/15. We at have been asked to participate and we look forward to it. This is our belief that when life knocks you down, with perseverance, you don't always have to stay down. Have a good day, David R Thomas.

The Lyme walk was a great success.


How about educating your family together with a video that is easy and not scary to take in. The following YouTube video will help you protect your family.

I was lucky enough to be able to go to the Binghamton University Lyme conference 2015 this year by request to help Ahope4lyme answer questions and also learn some things along the way. I was quite busy at the conference and really didn't get a very good opportunity take in the speakers but now there is a chance to catch up. You can too. I will include a link to the Binghamton Lyme conference 2015 on my Blog page at click here.


With the issues of my Lyme and co-infections I have filled my life once again. I feel like I am making a difference for I read, listen, and talk Lyme friends in the pot and I have filled the absence of being busy that I once cherished. Life is good once again. Once in even find with a bunch of words with no place to go. Enjoy An Invite.

                                                                 AN INVITE

          Thank you for the invite, my issues many,

I would love to come with some changes if any.

          With Advanced you might think we're ok,

For some is a reason to stay away.

          With I am forced to be rude,

I can act like I'm well and not offend you.

          Now I won't ask much if you don't mine,

for I'm up your time.

          It is the touch that we fear much,

as our friends are warm and caring and such.

          My senses are often ramped up and not able to respond,

to that wonderful hug that I've become so fond.

          The muscles fail faster, joints often quickly,

patients tend to slip as we are feeling guilty.

          When mind comes and goes, I have Lyme in the brain,

I refuse to live and just complain.

          It is not you, that you don't understand,

when we can't make it and it seems that we ran.

          There are days that are great and more that are not,

and when we are able we will be there on the spot.

          So if we say maybe, you can plan on our effort,

from a friend and an invite, We are grateful for sure.

          It makes those issues seem small in a way,

Just remember to be patient and hug lightly when you say.

          " I LOVE YOU " and we will do the same.

By David R Thomas