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 I am writing this letter as a fairly knowledgeable Lyme sufferer who has been fighting Lyme Disease for years. I believe I understand it's many forms of attack on the body through my own experiences and research. I was writing a letter to an old friend of mine this morning. She is a medical technologist. I was telling her that I am thinking maybe we could talk and discuss a couple of tests that are being used by the Lyme literate community. (Then I felt, this letter needs to be seen by some powers that be and so here it is.) One test would be by I-GENEX and the other, a newly developed test CD-57 that a

friend of mine has found useful. These tests are by the mainstream medical establishment (“NON”-Lyme Literate Doctors), for they know very little about Lyme. They (NON-LLMD's) seem to accept only what they have learned in a book, or that of protocols, politics, and insurance accepted practices. Lyme is more than that. It is unfortunate that a Lyme literate doctor often has to find out the hard way that mainstream medicine is not understanding or learning the new epidemic that is killing our citizens!

I feel mainstream doctors would rather say, “Well, this patient died of a blood disease but we couldn't put our finger on it.” Or they may run a patient through such a tiring and ridiculously long diagnostic time, (that could take just days instead of taking years,) and not get the real diagnosis of Lyme. That puts a patient well past any protocol testing procedures that are accepted in mainstream medicine. Lyme is a totally different “bear” than the mainstream medical community is trained for! Most medical groups have their own testing preferences to do their blood testing and most refuse to acknowledge Advanced Lyme/Late Stage Lyme as mainstream likes to call it. (I am speaking from experience.) Therefore, Lyme testing may be alright for early onset Lyme after 21 days of a bite or after a patient is suspected of possibly having Lyme. The time for testing the tick

(if the tick is present), but the patient shouldn't be tested before 21 days incubation! There is a whole of variables that go into diagnosing Lyme that it takes an individual special time in a classroom or Lyme to really understand this ugly disease that is attacking our and seniors. The largest infected group being 5 to 9 years old. Now, as I approach my 60th year, we are almost to the point where we will have to turn this problem over to the

. I would like to leave them a future, but there is a future of Lyme and it is a killer! Even worse this Advanced Lyme cripples and disables a person for years before they are lucky enough to die from it! It is costing each patient often thousands of dollars to recuperate from it or in some cases get control of it. In my opinion, this monster is bigger than Aids by at least ten times, and bigger than cancer and most all the auto-immune problems out there, as dreadful

. Lyme Disease debilitates the autoimmune system by tearing down the defenses so that foreign invaders can walk in and establish themselves.

It allows already foreign invaders, that most of us carry within us, to grow and our bodies. It is very hard for mainstream doctors to absorb. It is also very hard to tell a doctor that he does not have all the tools he needs to diagnose Lyme Disease.

This is why the only reliable LLMD is often a mainstream doctor who has found it impossible to get help from his own learning and teachings of mainstream medicine. It is quite possible to talk with patients in the Advanced Lyme world that know as much about Lyme as the LLMD's themselves. Lyme Literate Doctors would rather be teaching doctors. They also do not have all the answers.

I hope that if you have reached this point, I have given you some insight to this important issue. I hope that you will keep this in mind and perhaps help protect the doctors who are being attacked by mainstream and CDC. They are treating our children, fathers, mothers and now babies, who are born with this disease. And they are saving lives and helping to understand Lyme and stages and symptoms to make a knowledgeable and accurate diagnosis when it is there. If there are any questions, I am here as a diagnosed Advanced Lyme suffer and Lyme Advocate at:

Author: David R Thomas


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