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In response to Dr. Susser

Posted on May 30, 2014 at 2:29 PM
A century old controversy about the nature of communicable disease: microbe vs. host resistance. Does the infectious agent itself cause us to feel sick or do we succumb to illness because our immune system has been damaged?
This is an especially important question when considering Chronic Fatigue and Lyme Disease.

     Hello folks,
I have given this question some thought and hope that you can hang with me as I try to simplify this remark so that even my Lyme damaged brain can understand it. Not to long ago I wrote an article about my suspicions and experience with handling my own Lyme and co-infections issues. I am thinking that over the century as a population and medical profession drift even farther apart. We have developed a god like persona toward or Doctors and many of our elite medical profession tend to like it that way. Back 100 plus years ago it was unheard of to run to the doctor with a sniffle. You recovered or you died. Every mother new just what was needed and done it. Back around 1903 I believe there was a measles outbreak or something that went through and wiped out hole families. In a couple of years it ran it's coarse and the survivors would spread the new responsive DNA on and no more out break. I figured this out by reading stories and being on the board of directors at a local cemetery. Amazing the things you put together when your involved with living AND death.
   We are learning to rebuild our AI systems against infections so that my AI picks back up the job of defending me against foreign invaders like TB, Hooping cough, Measles, and others.
   Over the centuries we have an attack of something about every 100 years or so. This Lyme I believe is the monster that is past do. Lyme has figured out how too survive through an already over prescribed world population. But the good news is we can get ahead of this monster for future infections. But we need to find a way to pump up our AI so that we don't need so much meds if at all and detoxify and cleanse our system from the 80 plus years of medicating. I like the way the Lyme disease is changing the way medical views are perceived but there are going to be more families suffer before there is a receptive medical community too respond to the need of their services. Thank you Murry Susser MD. for striking the article. Murray R. Susser, MD


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