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  Spirochetal diseases

  I am getting a suspicion that we may be straying from a very important fight and acknowledgment of Lyme and Tick-borne related diseases with outdated non-knowledgeable lab and test readers and scientists.

  There is so much ignorance in the lab diseases identification system, pertaining to Lyme spirochetes that misidentification between Lyme and Syphilis in children or any subject could be miss diagnosed. If someone was to tell me I was suffering from Syphilis. I would certainly do my homework. Plus look at the slides. Something stinks here and I suggest a Lyme Knowledgable mind should be looking into it. This Syphilis "epidemic" as it appears, I feel could very well be Blind acknowledgment of Congenital and/or prenatal Lyme in many cases. This needs a good study. David R Thomas - Lyme Diseases Advocate, Survivor.

 This is very important to get right. David R Thomas - Tick-borne diseases researcher, survivor, Author, 

                    My Lyme Opinion


What is the difference and how it responds to our metabolism and LYME

Here is my thoughts on bread and it's responses to Lyme issues. Keep in mind I am not a dietitian or a Doctor. Not that it has any barring on what is knowledgeable when it comes to Tick-borne related issues or any other autoimmune issue for that matter. So before you run right out and change all of your eating habits, you might consider chatting with either one of these occupations as long as they are Lyme Literate and not simply educated through a conventional 15-minute introduction to Lyme at the big U.

Bread as we know it comes in mostly plastic wrappers.

I have found breads are not all created equal. Much of the white bread is made with (Ingredients: Enriched Wheat Flour)

1. White Bread - Most people eat white bread unless there is a health issue with Bloating. (Gas or Cell) My issue is Fatty cell bloating throughout the body. You can watch this by pitching your Love Handles as we call them at your hip sides. Enriched wheat flour will add two inches to my fat layer, and I will be sluggish and tired. A dietitian can offer much better wording perhaps. The important thing to me is what I pinch and feel and see, is also what I cant pinch, cant feel and cant see.

2. Wheat bread - Now we get a bit involved for some. If you like so-called wheat bread and prefer the taste and seem to get these awful bloating issues. You still may be eating (Enriched Wheat Flour Bread). This is how many Restaurants honor the patron's wishes with Wheat bread. But the sad part is: Labeled (Ingredients: Enriched Wheat Flour Bread) does the same damage to some people and cells as most White Bread.

3. 100 % Whole Wheat Bread - (Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour) makes the difference for me. If I stay away from Enriched wheat flour, I do not bloat. The Ingredients Label on the wrapper will tell you what you need to know as a rule. The enriched wheat Flour in NON-Whole Wheat Bread is obviously very unhealthy for the late-stage or possibly early-stage Lyme sufferer. I do find myself eating a white bun in a restaurant from time to time. I also fall for the wheat sub bun when ordering out. But in large, I stay away from Enriched wheat flour bread, because it is not Whole Wheat Bread.

I was given the information from my first Lyme Literate Doc who was a pioneer of his day in Lyme treatment and deeply threatened and chastised in courts by the powers that be by the CDC, IDSA, NIH, and license compromises that he was limited to what he could do as an Insurance covered doctor and what his patients could turn into their insurance companies. Therefore he could not practice medicine without charging cash only from patients. So you and I owe him. (no names mentioned).

As it happens, one of the main subordinates and understudies of the powers that be, or Gods In White Coats That I write about on my site and in my book Through Challenge and Lyme Disease by David R Thomas, actually runs and is controlling the Covid19 Pandemic and is advisor to the leaders of the world. 4252021


I was asked to submit my thoughts on the present Lyme issues. I submited the following. 

Dear Journal,


   My cause for better Tick-borne diseases understanding by the medical community and higher education is not filtering through the channels of Big U. learning channels. But is coming from the grassroots fieldwork of Medical professionals that understand, there is something wrong from top-tier learning, down to the medical advisor to the patient. When only the patient has the answers to their own successes or demise. 

 This medical climate through Covid Pandemic has also clouded the importance of Tick disease issues and increased the Lyme and co-infections such as Bartonella, Babesiosis, Anaplasmosis among many others infectious spread by at least 150,000 victims per year in the USA alone. Up from 425,000 annually (This comes from a CDC post recently)

 There will not be a valued medical Tick defense system until all medical professionals, from first responders to specialists of all areas of medicine stop blowing this responsibility off to the next office.  

 We must educate the complete medical system. The best way at this time as I see it is to start listening to the surviving speakers and educators and the Lyme Literate community that is in place at Ilads. ( International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society ) and many very knowledgeable characters fighting for updated Lyme medical practices.

 We must restart learning global Tick disease prevention practices that have been diluted through population growing neglect and medical gaslighting for higher profit-taking and misdiagnosis from/to the patient.

 There are great Lyme prevention programs available in the ready-to-educate world. 

We need to be using this now.

Video version available Herehere.

Thank you for your time,

David R Thomas

Lyme advocate and consultant

Through Challenge and Lyme



Seasons a​re changing 

  Please Read

 Dear friends of A Hope 4 Lyme,

The seasons are changing and with Spring comes the ticks and a renewed awareness of the important role we play in our community. We are looking for people who can bring new ideas and fresh passion to our organization. If you have any interest in sharing your talents and time with A Hope 4 Lyme we would love to hear from you. Please respond to this email if you are interested.

The Board of Directors

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Posted on November 12, 2014 at 10:31 AM
  With all of the challenges right now between LLMD's and the NON LLMD communities I felt the need to republish this article which I have submitted to Shelley at Public Heath Alert.
   I have been talking with a Reader about Lyme Literacy, Lyme specialists, LLMD'S, Lyme Sufferers, oncologist. There seems to be a misunderstanding in the NON-lyme circles that LLMD's consider themselves specialists. That is the furthest from the truth as that could be. LLMD's are always learning lyme. They often have had and are still managing there lyme. The LLMD may also only work 2 or 3 days a week because of the limitations of their own lyme. There for LLMD'S are in my mind more prepared for handling lyme and Tick born co-infections.
    Lyme Specialist is not a TERM that a lyme doctor uses to describe himself. Lyme specialist is a term used respectfully mistakenly by Lyme sufferers like myself who need a way to label there doctor. LLMD is the correct label for this Doctor which stands for LYME LITERATE MEDICAL DOCTOR. As for any doctor out there who calls themselves a Lyme specialist. BEWARE. The issue I am trying to make here is the lyme community has made great strides in understanding better how to manage and possibly get ahead of lyme. They do a great job and will continue until there is something better. I am hearing negative remarks from some Mainstream doctors who feel that mainstream has this under control. I assure you that these doctors probably don't have a suffering wife, child, mother, father, or themselves who have been run through the hoops of mainstream medicine to only get the following response. It is in your head or there is nothing wrong with you because we have tested you for everything that we know of. "DING, DING, DING" That they know of. Before I give any doctors name to somebody I will be quite confident that the doctor has treated somebody fairly successfully.
   Onto oncology, This is a field that has festinated me all my life. It amazes me how the blood can do all the things it is asked. The blood carry's many life saving characteristics, as well as life ending ones. If we are lucky we get to enjoy the fruits of the life saving ones. But as is understood in the now experienced lyme sciences that are well established around the world. Such as Luxemburg, Germany. Hudson Valley area and northeastern United States. And many good LLMD'S from east coast to west coast. It is well excepted now that B. Burgdorferi  ( LYME BACTERIA) has developed a way to hide and mimic it's identity in and around it's many billions of cells. This is why it is called the great imitator. This kind of thinking is very hard for even Oncologist (blood doctors) to wrap their heads around and I feel it is also the reason the CDC cannot move forward to a better understanding of the problem. Because this bacteria depletes the red cells ability too respond too foreign invaders or even slow or keep at bay already established diseases in the body.
   But all is not lost if we all can talk about this experience and have somebody taking this all in and somehow making sure the positives come together and the negatives make them stronger. At this time I see the negatives (Non- LLMD'S) and the positives (LLMD's) pushing, pulling, pushing, pulling. This great imitator in our blood is attacking our red cell wall. Check out ( "Marshal Protocol" Cell wall deficient bacteria) a little out dated but still a good guide for understanding. There are other sciences out there that I am watching such as MTHFR GENE MUTATION. That is interesting to follow if you are into that kind of thing. In the end there will be a winner. The one that gets the worm will in my own mind establish a new understand and the space age protocol to handling auto-immune response and bacteria of tomorrow. Which makes LYME the evolutionary change in the survival of our species. Wouldn't that be cool considering this only happens every 200 to 500 years or so. You know what, I think we are past do.


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