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                    My Lyme Opinion

I was asked to submit my thoughts on the present Lyme issues. I submited the following. 

Dear Journal,


   My cause for better Tick-borne diseases understanding by the medical community and higher education is not filtering through the channels of Big U. learning channels. But is coming from the grassroots fieldwork of Medical professionals that understand, there is something wrong from top-tier learning, down to the medical advisor to the patient. When only the patient has the answers to their own successes or demise. 

 This medical climate through Covid Pandemic has also clouded the importance of Tick disease issues and increased the Lyme and co-infections such as Bartonella, Babesiosis, Anaplasmosis among many others infectious spread by at least 150,000 victims per year in the USA alone. Up from 425,000 annually (This comes from a CDC post recently)

 There will not be a valued medical Tick defense system until all medical professionals, from first responders to specialists of all areas of medicine stop blowing this responsibility off to the next office.  

 We must educate the complete medical system. The best way at this time as I see it is to start listening to the surviving speakers and educators and the Lyme Literate community that is in place at Ilads. ( International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society ) and many very knowledgeable characters fighting for updated Lyme medical practices.

 We must restart learning global Tick disease prevention practices that have been diluted through population growing neglect and medical gaslighting for higher profit-taking and misdiagnosis from/to the patient.

 There are great Lyme prevention programs available in the ready-to-educate world. 

We need to be using this now.

Video version available Herehere.

Thank you for your time,

David R Thomas

Lyme advocate and consultant

Through Challenge and Lyme



Seasons a​re changing 

  Please Read

 Dear friends of A Hope 4 Lyme,

The seasons are changing and with Spring comes the ticks and a renewed awareness of the important role we play in our community. We are looking for people who can bring new ideas and fresh passion to our organization. If you have any interest in sharing your talents and time with A Hope 4 Lyme we would love to hear from you. Please respond to this email if you are interested.

The Board of Directors

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Posted on August 11, 2015 at 11:46 AM Comments comments (12)
 The first collage is a bunch of typical and atypical Lyme rashes I took from Lyme Rashes search. The second is a collage from Lyme Disease association of Typical and Atypical Lyme rashes. not much difference. "BUT" I bet you if you go ask your child's Pediatrician what he/she considers a Lyme Borrelia rash. They will say Bulls eye rash. NOT SO PEOPLE. I copied and JPEG-ed these photo's for your use to make them more printer friendly. You can also type Lyme Rashes into your browser and find many more pics. Have a great day from

  Lyme Disease Rash Poster courtesy of Columbia Lyme & Tick-Borne Diseases Research Center, from a grant by the Lyme Disease Association, Inc. (LDA). (If you sh...are this poster please do so in its entirety and do not edit. Give credit to Columbia, LDA and the doctors listed on credits. Thanks.) Less than 50% of people bitten by a black legged/deer tick develop the classic Bull's Eye rash. Some develop no rash at all, others have rashes that look different. Here is a printable poster for you of typical EM (Bull's Eye) and non-typical rashes from the Columbia Lyme & Tick-Borne Diseases Research Center.…/2014_LymeRashLDAPos…

Lyme Rashes

Posted on July 20, 2015 at 6:15 AM Comments comments (0)
   Do you think Lyme rashes are strictly Bulls eye rashes. Even if your lucky enough to get a bulls eye rash that by the way only shows its self less than 30-50% of time anyway.. There is a good chance your Dr. may shun it off for a spider bite. The following collage was made with the help a LLMD (Lyme Literate MD) who sees these rashes often. Remember to take pictures of your imbedded Tick before you take it out. Put tick in plastic baggy or sealed container and refrigerate. That is your backup in case you forgot to show your Dr. your cute little tick. That way when They through your tick in the trash and send you on your way with out some preventative meds. of some kind or at the very least. Giving the tick back to you so you can send it away for testing sooner or later. You will be empowered with evidence. Yes this sounds very deceiving on the medical fields part. It is more ignorance than cockiness. 1. Protect yourself when out 2. Do tick checks regularly 3. Don't panic 4. if lots of baby ticks or nymphs on you, spray with water hose. Your welcome from and I have redirected you from my poorer Lyme rashes pic to a much better collection at: Click Here


Posted on May 17, 2015 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (2)
How about educating your family together with a 4 minute video that is easy and not scary to take in. The following YouTube video will help you protect your family.  

  For those who are looking for something natural to use on your pets when letting them out or taking them out for exercise. I have it from a pretty reliable source that the following recipe works well for dogs or cats.

8 oz. - Apple cider vinager
4 oz. warm water
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. baking soda
shake well in spray bottle
Spray pet well. Don't forget under belly.

I don't have pets so good luck and have fun.

Binghamton University Update

Posted on May 10, 2015 at 6:25 AM Comments comments (2)
  Good morning all. Linda and I returned safely from the Lyme conference at Binghamton University yesterday. We were and are very tired and will share a few of our experiences as we go. There is a lot to put together. We didn't see much of the big and informative speakers but will take in and share the streams as they become available. I understand the Igenex speaker was very informative and Dr. Steven Bock and Dr. Richard Horowitz were as usual interesting and educational. I personally would have loved to listen to the anthropologist that were speaking. With a hard and late start yesterday morning, we unfortunately did not make those engagements. Such is Lyme and the damages it leaves behind. But with all of that we helped Ahopeforlyme, talk , educate and inform through a very rewarding experience with one lady seeking us out for a radio interview to be coming up in the future. We then topped the day off with dinner with our friend and president of ahope4lyme, Linda Wales. She is so helpful and informed about Lyme. God bless her. I am also very blessed to have such a well informed assistant helping me yesterday who is also my wife Linda or as her fans know her, Daisy Stonefield the children's book writer and illustrator and Lyme survivor.


Posted on April 18, 2015 at 5:37 PM Comments comments (0)
  It is I, David R Thomas. I was recently asked by a FB Lyme reader how I am doing. I have been as busy as I can be with getting the word of Lyme and Tick borne diseases out to the public and into our leaders minds. I feel better when I am doing something. As for my health, I require much rest after chasing many years of diagnoses that if was understood 30 yrs. Ago. I wood have been much healthier today. I am quite sure the heart issue is a development of many years of not so much misdiagnoses as it was just plain unknown at the time. My legs allow me now to take short walks where for a while I was walking three blocks. I must be aware at all times and plan any and all excursions with a plan as to not hinder any occasions. When people see me out and about such as going to Wally world and walking for some exercise. They see a perfectly fine proud man with nothing wrong until I sit, stand or talk too long and then I have to go. It is then time to rest. I am not taking any meds at this time and am waiting to see if a recent Tick bite will affect me or I need to do something different. I am trying Essential oils plus a product called Stem fit Active which I did have an issue with that has been resolved I believe. It was blood pressure med related. This is a much better life than I was Living in 2005 when I was in so much pain, frustration, cognitive failure and digestive faliar. I don't go far but with the internet I feel useful. I have been through a lot and I feel I have recovered back to 70% from the 20% I was in 05. The secret to defeating Lyme is getting at it early and the medical community and government are still slow in catching on. You can follow me also at

Protecting your property

Posted on March 6, 2015 at 9:26 AM Comments comments (6)
  It is that time of year again to start thinking about protecting your property and family. The following article from Jill Auerbach is a very good start to a nice memorable summer.
Dear Friends and Associates,
Please consider sharing this with others. Bad enough getting Lyme or Tickborne disease once, but you can be re infected. This is why it is critically important to avoid, and protect yourselves, your family, pets and wildlife as well. It's unfortunate that more than 30 years have passed and this is all we have; protect and prevent!
I haven't seen this before nor tried it, but it seems a simple and inexpensive way to reduce the tick population by killing ticks on their prime reservoir the mouse, who would use the impregnated cotton balls to build their nest.  Some studies have shown commercially produced tubes like this called Damminex to be highly effective. Other tests, not as effective. Perhaps the natural nesting materials available to the mice make a difference? The CDC currently has a study with Damminex. Here is a link to information about the commercially available ones:
2. I strongly recommend you take a look at Tom Mather, PhD, University of RI, Tick Encounter information on prevention and other topics:
Dr Mather shares a wealth of information that has been tested! Many claims are made about some products that simply do not hold up to testing and research done by him and others.
This is about one of the best and most clearly explained sites available to us.
It includes:
 - How to make your clothes tick repellent.
 - Treat your yard with a perimeter spray.
 - How to remove a tick, etc.
Jill Auerbach
Hudson Valley Lyme Disease Association, Chairperson
Dutchess County Legislative Tick Task Force, Member
Stop Ticks On People (S.T.O.P.), Board Member
NYS Coalition on Lyme and Tick-borne Disease, Member
Public Integrated Pest Management Work Group, Member

"What's the problem? Well it's the ticks of course!"

Children and Lyme

Posted on February 23, 2015 at 8:57 PM Comments comments (0)
  This is a very good article I want to share as is for those who spend a lot of time with children. Parents, Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, First Responders.
This article will also have it's own page for children.
Children Ages 5-14 are at the Greatest Risk of Acquiring Lyme Disease Around 25% of all reported cases are children. According to research, children are bitten by ticks more frequently around the head and neck, making them more vulnerable to brain and central nervous system infections. The resulting neurologic symptoms of Lyme disease are often misdiagnosed. Lyme Disease can also be transmitted to a child during pregnancy. Lyme pediatric specialist Charles Ray Jones, MD and other leading Lyme specialists have compiled a list of common symptoms of infection in young patients:• fatigue unrelieved by rest
• insomnia
• mitochondrial dysfunction
• syncope, POTS or Neurally MediatedHypotension
• nausea, abdominal pain
• seizure disorders
• impaired concentration
• poor short-term memory
• inability to sustain attention
•difficulty thinking and expressing thoughts
• difficulty reading and writing
•overwhelmed by schoolwork
• difficulty making decisions
• confusion
• outbursts and mood swings
• fevers/chills
• dizziness
• noise and light sensitivity
•increased incidence of ear and throat infections
• increased incidence of pneumonia
• irritability
• joint and body pain
• poor muscle tone
• gastroesophageal reflux
• small windpipe (tracheomalacia)
• cataracts and other eye problems
• developmental delays (language, motor)
• learning disabilities
•psychiatric problems (anxiety, depression, OCD)
• autism or Asperger's type presentation Children do not typically have all of these symptoms, but rather,a cluster of seemingly unrelated conditions that are often overlooked by pediatricians and specialists. Often times, a child is diagnosed with evolving conditions, because their symptoms and presentation do not quite"fit", but doctors believe that something is wrong. Among Jones’ patients, 50% have no known history of deer tick attachments and fewer than 10% have a history of an erythema migrans Lyme rash (bull’s-eye). For more information, please visit

Lyme Testing

Posted on January 21, 2015 at 5:18 PM Comments comments (0)
From an article : 15 diseases doctors often get wrong / from my - MSN page/artic
  You probably know to look out for tick bites and the telltale bullseye rash that can form around them if a person is infected with Lyme disease. But not everyone develops this rash—and Lyme disease's other symptoms (like fatigue, headaches, joint pain, and flu-like symptoms) can easily be confused for other conditions, says Dr. Shapiro.A blood test can check for Lyme disease antibodies in the blood, but those usually don't show up until a few weeks after infection and the test is notoriously unreliable. It's important to remove the tick immediately and see a doctor right away. Quickly removing a tick can possibly prevent the transfer of dangerous bacteria, and antibiotics for Lyme disease are most effective when given immediatelyle #7 - 1/14/15Lyme disease
  My Oppinion:  For you Lyme sufferers and Tick watchers. Look at and read #7. Many of these misdiagnosed ailments are Lyme related issues can be Lyme issues. Yes FDA/CDC/IDSA Lyme protocol testing is unreliable but approved but excepted Lyme tests that are very reliable are now being eliminated until approved by FDA and the powers that be. We need these tests and Doctors need to be trained in knowing how to read and use the protocol testing that mainstream ( Non LLMD) Doctors get wrong. Two tier testing (ELISA and WESTERN BLOT) may have worked well for aids and HIV. But is not used right for Lyme disease. is on the right track with this. Until we have something better. 


Posted on October 23, 2014 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (1)
   Is your pain in your muscles or joints or both. Neck, back, fore arms, lower legs. My wife had this for years along with toxic nodules under the skin. Finally found something other than Epsom salt baths that works well. I went too the tractor supply and got me a bottle of Absorbine liniment. I massage her aching areas for about a week sometimes twice a day. She got through it and her nodules that we have been trying to shrink for years has shrunk 70 percent. Her pain level at this moment is tolerable and I still give her a liniment massage twice a week. Her kidneys are back to normal which blows the doctors mind. The liniment is an analgesic and helps to pull the toxins from the nodules that I am thinking has come from her depleted kidney functions when she was very ill with advanced stages of Lyme and her many associated tick borne diseases. I actually see light at the end of the tunnel for her. Which goes to show everybody that not all sciences are up on this lyme and associated diseases. We must keep trying different things and publish our findings so that the smart people can be geniuses.
David R Thomas


Posted on August 27, 2014 at 2:46 PM Comments comments (8)
     This info is from Page 202-209
                        By Dr. Richard I. Horowitz MD.
   The subject in this article is HEAVY METAL BURDEN (HMB) . The chapter in Dr. Horowitzs book "Why Can't I Get Better" Environmental Toxins and Lyme, explains the possible reasons why we don't respond to known helpful remedies while some get better and some do not. There is now a possible answer to that and this is what I am writing about in this article. I have found a new term to me. It is called "Heavy Metal Burden" This is the amount of heavy metals absorbed into our systems from food (fish) medications, air we breath, or even the dental work we may have had done many years ago.
   HMB in this article pertains mostly to mercury, Lead, with arsenic, cadmium,nickel, and aluminum completing the most common metals to overload in our bodies. I am finding that HMB can have an overlapping block to lyme meds or other ailments and act very much like lyme itself. Or perhaps you don't have lyme if you were tested negative and also negative for HMB. These can hinder or override known remedies to many of our system challenges.
   There is a protocol to testing for HMB that requires a 500mg/indepent wt. dose or injection of a chelating agent called DMSA (dimercaptosuccinic acid). Then a urine test in 24hrs. This was found not to be an accurate HMB test for environmental toxins that have accumulated over time. I do not know if this protocol is still good for resent exposure or not.
   With the help of one of Dr. Horowitz's dentist friends. Dr H. has found that using DMSA at (30mg/kg) and urine sample at 6 hrs. This proves more accurate and Dr. H started checking his other patients with heavy metal numbers tripling. The good news is that with chelating techniques that is used today. What use to take a life time to filter from the body can now be done in weeks. There for those who suffer chronic unexplained symptoms such as: 1. chronic fatigue, 2. fibromialgia, 3. neuropathy 4. cognitive difficulties 5. tinitis (ringing in the ears) 6. neurosphyciatric symptoms.
   Maybe you have Lyme or an over lapping problem of Heavy Metal Burden or HMB alone. It amazes me the many things we learn along the way through solving problems such as Lyme, cancer and so many illnesses I believe with Lyme pioneers like Dr. Horowitz, Dr. Burascano, Dr. Murry Susser and many others trying to tackle this problem. We will continue to stumble onto other cures and better protocols for the future for many other auto-immune ailments.
David R Thomas