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  Spirochetal diseases

  I am getting a suspicion that we may be straying from a very important fight and acknowledgment of Lyme and Tick-borne related diseases with outdated non-knowledgeable lab and test readers and scientists.

  There is so much ignorance in the lab diseases identification system, pertaining to Lyme spirochetes that misidentification between Lyme and Syphilis in children or any subject could be miss diagnosed. If someone was to tell me I was suffering from Syphilis. I would certainly do my homework. Plus look at the slides. Something stinks here and I suggest a Lyme Knowledgable mind should be looking into it. This Syphilis "epidemic" as it appears, I feel could very well be Blind acknowledgment of Congenital and/or prenatal Lyme in many cases. This needs a good study. David R Thomas - Lyme Diseases Advocate, Survivor.

 This is very important to get right. David R Thomas - Tick-borne diseases researcher, survivor, Author, 

                    My Lyme Opinion


What is the difference and how it responds to our metabolism and LYME

Here is my thoughts on bread and it's responses to Lyme issues. Keep in mind I am not a dietitian or a Doctor. Not that it has any barring on what is knowledgeable when it comes to Tick-borne related issues or any other autoimmune issue for that matter. So before you run right out and change all of your eating habits, you might consider chatting with either one of these occupations as long as they are Lyme Literate and not simply educated through a conventional 15-minute introduction to Lyme at the big U.

Bread as we know it comes in mostly plastic wrappers.

I have found breads are not all created equal. Much of the white bread is made with (Ingredients: Enriched Wheat Flour)

1. White Bread - Most people eat white bread unless there is a health issue with Bloating. (Gas or Cell) My issue is Fatty cell bloating throughout the body. You can watch this by pitching your Love Handles as we call them at your hip sides. Enriched wheat flour will add two inches to my fat layer, and I will be sluggish and tired. A dietitian can offer much better wording perhaps. The important thing to me is what I pinch and feel and see, is also what I cant pinch, cant feel and cant see.

2. Wheat bread - Now we get a bit involved for some. If you like so-called wheat bread and prefer the taste and seem to get these awful bloating issues. You still may be eating (Enriched Wheat Flour Bread). This is how many Restaurants honor the patron's wishes with Wheat bread. But the sad part is: Labeled (Ingredients: Enriched Wheat Flour Bread) does the same damage to some people and cells as most White Bread.

3. 100 % Whole Wheat Bread - (Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour) makes the difference for me. If I stay away from Enriched wheat flour, I do not bloat. The Ingredients Label on the wrapper will tell you what you need to know as a rule. The enriched wheat Flour in NON-Whole Wheat Bread is obviously very unhealthy for the late-stage or possibly early-stage Lyme sufferer. I do find myself eating a white bun in a restaurant from time to time. I also fall for the wheat sub bun when ordering out. But in large, I stay away from Enriched wheat flour bread, because it is not Whole Wheat Bread.

I was given the information from my first Lyme Literate Doc who was a pioneer of his day in Lyme treatment and deeply threatened and chastised in courts by the powers that be by the CDC, IDSA, NIH, and license compromises that he was limited to what he could do as an Insurance covered doctor and what his patients could turn into their insurance companies. Therefore he could not practice medicine without charging cash only from patients. So you and I owe him. (no names mentioned).

As it happens, one of the main subordinates and understudies of the powers that be, or Gods In White Coats That I write about on my site and in my book Through Challenge and Lyme Disease by David R Thomas, actually runs and is controlling the Covid19 Pandemic and is advisor to the leaders of the world. 4252021


I was asked to submit my thoughts on the present Lyme issues. I submited the following. 

Dear Journal,


   My cause for better Tick-borne diseases understanding by the medical community and higher education is not filtering through the channels of Big U. learning channels. But is coming from the grassroots fieldwork of Medical professionals that understand, there is something wrong from top-tier learning, down to the medical advisor to the patient. When only the patient has the answers to their own successes or demise. 

 This medical climate through Covid Pandemic has also clouded the importance of Tick disease issues and increased the Lyme and co-infections such as Bartonella, Babesiosis, Anaplasmosis among many others infectious spread by at least 150,000 victims per year in the USA alone. Up from 425,000 annually (This comes from a CDC post recently)

 There will not be a valued medical Tick defense system until all medical professionals, from first responders to specialists of all areas of medicine stop blowing this responsibility off to the next office.  

 We must educate the complete medical system. The best way at this time as I see it is to start listening to the surviving speakers and educators and the Lyme Literate community that is in place at Ilads. ( International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society ) and many very knowledgeable characters fighting for updated Lyme medical practices.

 We must restart learning global Tick disease prevention practices that have been diluted through population growing neglect and medical gaslighting for higher profit-taking and misdiagnosis from/to the patient.

 There are great Lyme prevention programs available in the ready-to-educate world. 

We need to be using this now.

Video version available Herehere.

Thank you for your time,

David R Thomas

Lyme advocate and consultant

Through Challenge and Lyme



Seasons a​re changing 

  Please Read

 Dear friends of A Hope 4 Lyme,

The seasons are changing and with Spring comes the ticks and a renewed awareness of the important role we play in our community. We are looking for people who can bring new ideas and fresh passion to our organization. If you have any interest in sharing your talents and time with A Hope 4 Lyme we would love to hear from you. Please respond to this email if you are interested.

The Board of Directors

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  There are parents who have done everything right and if a child grows out of a wonderful childhood and into a Lyme disease related rebellion issue. Or altering brain disease issue from Tick borne related issues that throws the child into a downward spiral. I can not blame the parents for there ignorance of Lyme sickness. The sciences are just getting out there. We will be seeing much more of this. It is time to listen and learn the early signs and get help. If I may suggest a few clues and I am not a psychologist.
 1. Does your child spend more time in their room?
 2. Has their personality changed drastically?
 3. Are their studies and grades falling without reason?
 4. Do they complain of extreme joint and muscle pain?
 5. Have they been directed to see a child psychologist?
Any of these or more could in my mind give reason to seek a Lyme Literate Doctor. You can find these medical LLMD's at,, I am not a Doctor or a health professional. But I am a Lyme disease sufferer and advocate. I am trying to share and write through my findings in late stage Lyme disease.


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  I received a post on my Facebook by a young fellow lyme sufferer and thought it would a wonderful share on my website.
  This week my sister asked me, "why do you want to put a notice about Lyme awareness in your mailroom?" This saddens me.
Last week she told me she understood my Lyme Disease
  Maybe she knows your sick and has trouble communicating it. Maybe she can't see why a lymee chooses too talk and share a devastating experience with others. Again communication. Maybe she misses the romp and play and talks and just do absolutely nothing days together that lymee's seldom can do. Communication. She loves you. The fact is that advanced lyme sufferers of the world need too acknowledge the devastation of our lives in order too educate the future of our families, friends and humanity. We need to feel useful. Your excuse can be that you are educating and sharing. Her future children will benefit from your expressions. God bless you.
 Thank you for sharing.
    David R Thomas


Posted on January 29, 2014 at 11:42 PM Comments comments (2)
 An experience I had last week inspired an article.
 I just went through one of the most scariest moments of my lyme experience. I went to bed last night not really feeling like sleeping but actually needed to sleep. Then about half an hour into my puzzle book I started feeling like I was having an anxiety attack. I have even been put on depression meds for this and it did help. But it was not depression, been there and know the difference.  Holly crap. I was shaking, my nerves were tight, Nerves felt like they were going too jump right out of my skin. My forearms and shins felt like leather. And my body could barely move on account of weakness. I could have very easily mistaken this for low blood sugar if it weren't for just snacking before I went too bed late after the game. This morning I feel different like I have just gone through hell with my body feeling cleansed or something. I am not fully through this but I can think again and write this letter. WOW what a ride. I had something like this sometime ago (about a year maybe). It was after I started treating for my Babesia and Bartonella. Those are two coinfections that people often get with a tic bite. All I can say is.  We are seeing to much of this and I wonder how many of those Psychiatric problems are Lyme and tic borne disease issues. I hope in the near future we will have a fairly cheap over the counter lyme test that all people can afford to test themselves and get help before it gets this bad. Well I am going rest today and perhaps thank a couple of good friends on Facebook for talking about theses issues. I think every service man 6 month's after coming back from war or another country or just showing signs of mental imbalance, should also be tested and they can be now if the test was approved.
 I would like to see all troubled drug addicts, alcoholics, mentally troubled individuals, infection plagued sufferers tested for lyme and tic borne related diseases for in my research and study of my experience and others we can now help these individuals if they have this. I am feeling like about 40 to 60% of misdiagnosed auto immune diagnosises are actually Lyme and tic borne disease related. If we keep pecking away at this and talking we may get to more young and old before they reach the "THE DEEP END"
   Then I found the next day having the very same experience that I thought was a herx reaction and found it to be an allergic reaction to my lyme meds that I need too change. Hello all, An update to my deep end article. I believe I just found my first allergic reaction to meds. It had me flying, twitching, shaking and just about ready to head to the hospital. Had another attack the day after the one I told you about and took a Benadryl and everything went back to normal. As normal is for me. So now I figure out which one it was since I quit meds for a day. Then I will talk to my lyme doc for direction. PS:: Always have those little red Benadryl pills on hand. you know the ones for be stings and such. Thank you all for your support and prayers. I know it has only been a few days. As most veteran Lyme sufferers will tell you. We are all figuring this monster out together. Have a good night.
AUTHOR - David R Thomas


Posted on August 28, 2013 at 2:57 PM Comments comments (47)
Melissa Kaplan's                Lyme Disease "The more You Know"
Lyme Disease
Part of the Chronic Neuroimmune Diseases Information Resourcesfor CFS, FM, MCS, Lyme Disease, Thyroid, and more...
  Psychosocial Issues of Lyme Disease 
AUTHOR:  Kathy Cavert   As with all serious and debilitating diseases, there are some factors that come into play more than the disease itself which complicates things for the patient and the family. These issues are sometimes more devastating than the disease itself. One of the biggest problems with Lyme disease is that it can render the victim completely helpless and unable to work or take care of the family. The disease can mimic other diseases in combination such as Lou Gehrig's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, polymyalgia rheumatica, fibromyalgia syndrome, psoriatic arthritis, Alzheimer's and lupus. It is painful and causes debilitating fatigue and weakness to the point of paralysis at times. It can cause seizures and Bell's palsy, meningitis and encephalitis. It can cause bone pain and joint pain so severe that it can be frightening. As with all severe disabling diseases, this one carries with it a whole host of problems other than the disease itself. The following are but a few: Guilt.Feeling bad about feeling bad particularly when one is unable to work or keep up their share of the housework and child-rearing. This carries over into marital relationships as well because although the Lyme person looks well on the outside, often they feel as though they are dying on the inside. It is hard when loved ones and friends want to go someplace and have a good time and the Lyme patient wants to stay home due to fatigue or pain. They oftentimes feel guilty for being such a dull partner. The symptoms can also lead to guilt surrounding the lack of sexual interest because the disease is a neurologic disease and can cause some sexual problems as well. Isolation/Desertion. Often the Lyme patient has the sympathy of friends, physicians, and family at first. But as the months pass and the years pass and the patient continues to complain of varying symptoms and the blood test scans continue to come back negative, friends and family pull away.They begin to doubt the sanity of the person. The physicians begin blaming the patient and suggesting emotional overlay, hysteria, depression or psychogenic problems. The family follows suit. This kind of abandonment only makes things worse for the Lyme person. They not only have to deal with chest pain, numbness, tingling, infections, fevers, dizziness, pain, weakness, fatigue and memory loss, etc., but they have to do it with strange looks, nasty comments and mistrust from the people who were at one time close to them. Validation of the person. It is difficult to feel validated as a person when others are telling you that you are nuts and that your symptoms do not exist or that you are bringing them on yourself. Validation must be done now more from within and one finds themselves in the dilemma of trying to beef up their own self-esteem with positive affirmations. This is a time when we all need to feel support and so often we feel just the opposite. Employers accuse patients of faking illness; family accuse them of not wanting to work or carry out daily chores; friends accuse them of being hypochondriacs and no longer being the kind of friend that they were in the past. Children worry if it is their parent, and spouses become concerned as well. Parents begin to doubt the validity and the severity of the symptoms and the Lyme patient sinks into depression, at last fulfilling the prophecy of the doctors who for so long had suggested that to be the case in the first place.Lyme is like having symptoms of all the major diseases compiled into one. It can leave one in quiet desperation. Lyme disease is an infection and an infection that affects the brain. Adding insult to injury, the brain manifestations such as subtle encephalitis and meningitis can cause patients to be emotionally labile, or perhaps moody. Most Lyme patients are people whose lives have been filled with activity and outdoor things and for the most part, these are people who lived life to its fullest and suddenly were struck down. The adjustment is not easy. There is fear of the future and fear of the present. With concomitant brain inflammations and central nervous system problems, it can cause a variety of emotional problems, unlike anything the patient previously knew. We are hoping that the physicians in the midwest will stop and take a good look at what is really going on here. We do have a problem and it is a problem that at some point, must be addressed. Unfortunately I am finding more and more people who have suffered with Lyme for over 6 years and it concerns me greatly. It is my sincere hope that soon each and every physician in Kansas City and the surrounding areas will include Lyme in their differential diagnoses when symptoms are suggestive of a combination of rheumatologic, neurologic or cardiac. Lyme Disease is not a benign disease. It is a very serious spirochetal disease which must be treated with aggressive antibiotic therapy.
Lyme activist Kathy Cavert has died since the writing of this article.


Posted on August 28, 2013 at 2:19 PM Comments comments (0)
   ""PSYCHOSOCIAL ISSUES OF LYME DISEASE " at: ( Lyme Disease "The more you know") is an article I read sometime ago and see it come up again. I had trouble bringing it to my blog so if you would like to read it on my facebook page at David R Thomas. I will try to keep it up front for a few days or untill I can bring it to the blog.  .
I want to share this article and if there are any questions. Just ask at on the contact page by clicking this link. This is the kind of devastating harm that happens through this dreadful disease. Every time I see or hear of a normally good, safe, well balanced, big hearted, caring, young or older person acting up far outside their element, I ask myself could this be a possible late lyme misdiagnosed individual. I truly believe that anybody who experiences early onset of anything get to a lyme literate Doctor and be checked. The next big question? What is a Lyme Literate Doctor? That in my mind is a doctor who is registered and proven that they are actually knowledgeable in the lyme problem. There are some well qualified doctors or medical professionals who can treat a tic bite and god bless them for doing that. But for most of those doctors who will treat a tic bite will not treat or acknowledge advanced lyme. This is the difference between a mainstream doctor and an advanced or late stage lyme doctor. The best way to find a lyme literate medical professional in my mind. Is to talk to a lyme sufferer and/or talk to the LDA ( lyme Disease Asso.) Or in my area you can go to And if you are a Doctor who is wanting to learn about advanced lyme and are not getting answers, again talk to a lyme sufferer and they will put you on the right track.    Thank you, David R Thomas