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Abrupt Turns

Posted on May 13, 2020 at 8:34 AM Comments comments (0)
Life in Silent diseases worlds,
 often takes abrupt turns, Be alert. 
This is a statement I recently made. I was asked to elaborate.
 My response is, In response to my recent statement. I am thinking about the silent diseases sufferers of the world that do not get the understanding from illiterate medical professionals about devastating issues that can drive sufferers over the edge. Whether it be Lyme and/or tick borne diseases or Covid19 RA, MS, Mental health or a hundreds other mysterious health related issues. All of these can cause abrupt life turns. That is where my thoughts were going.


Posted on August 8, 2015 at 9:41 PM Comments comments (0)
  There are parents who have done everything right and if a child grows out of a wonderful childhood and into a Lyme disease related rebellion issue. Or altering brain disease issue from Tick borne related issues that throws the child into a downward spiral. I can not blame the parents for there ignorance of Lyme sickness. The sciences are just getting out there. We will be seeing much more of this. It is time to listen and learn the early signs and get help. If I may suggest a few clues and I am not a psychologist.
 1. Does your child spend more time in their room?
 2. Has their personality changed drastically?
 3. Are their studies and grades falling without reason?
 4. Do they complain of extreme joint and muscle pain?
 5. Have they been directed to see a child psychologist?
Any of these or more could in my mind give reason to seek a Lyme Literate Doctor. You can find these medical LLMD's at,, I am not a Doctor or a health professional. But I am a Lyme disease sufferer and advocate. I am trying to share and write through my findings in late stage Lyme disease.


Posted on August 28, 2013 at 2:19 PM Comments comments (0)
   ""PSYCHOSOCIAL ISSUES OF LYME DISEASE " at: ( Lyme Disease "The more you know") is an article I read sometime ago and see it come up again. I had trouble bringing it to my blog so if you would like to read it on my facebook page at David R Thomas. I will try to keep it up front for a few days or untill I can bring it to the blog.  .
I want to share this article and if there are any questions. Just ask at on the contact page by clicking this link. This is the kind of devastating harm that happens through this dreadful disease. Every time I see or hear of a normally good, safe, well balanced, big hearted, caring, young or older person acting up far outside their element, I ask myself could this be a possible late lyme misdiagnosed individual. I truly believe that anybody who experiences early onset of anything get to a lyme literate Doctor and be checked. The next big question? What is a Lyme Literate Doctor? That in my mind is a doctor who is registered and proven that they are actually knowledgeable in the lyme problem. There are some well qualified doctors or medical professionals who can treat a tic bite and god bless them for doing that. But for most of those doctors who will treat a tic bite will not treat or acknowledge advanced lyme. This is the difference between a mainstream doctor and an advanced or late stage lyme doctor. The best way to find a lyme literate medical professional in my mind. Is to talk to a lyme sufferer and/or talk to the LDA ( lyme Disease Asso.) Or in my area you can go to And if you are a Doctor who is wanting to learn about advanced lyme and are not getting answers, again talk to a lyme sufferer and they will put you on the right track.    Thank you, David R Thomas


Posted on July 15, 2013 at 5:51 PM Comments comments (3)
    I was sent this article the other day by a friend of a friend, and found it too not surprise me to much. I know that when I was going through my devastating depression and anxiety before my diagnosis with advanced Lyme. I was put on some meds for depression and anxiety. But when my lyme doctor put me on 10 BILLION +count probiotic per day. In time I was no longer taking that depression meds. I wonder if my Lyme doc new that at the time if it would work for that to. I still take 10 to 20 bil. count give or take for my antibiotic treament to help ballance the intestinal flora and bump up my autoimmune system. This article does explain some unanswered questions for me. Click on the link below to read a very interesting update about probiotics.