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  Spirochetal diseases

  I am getting a suspicion that we may be straying from a very important fight and acknowledgment of Lyme and Tick-borne related diseases with outdated non-knowledgeable lab and test readers and scientists.

  There is so much ignorance in the lab diseases identification system, pertaining to Lyme spirochetes that misidentification between Lyme and Syphilis in children or any subject could be miss diagnosed. If someone was to tell me I was suffering from Syphilis. I would certainly do my homework. Plus look at the slides. Something stinks here and I suggest a Lyme Knowledgable mind should be looking into it. This Syphilis "epidemic" as it appears, I feel could very well be Blind acknowledgment of Congenital and/or prenatal Lyme in many cases. This needs a good study. David R Thomas - Lyme Diseases Advocate, Survivor.

 This is very important to get right. David R Thomas - Tick-borne diseases researcher, survivor, Author, 

                    My Lyme Opinion


What is the difference and how it responds to our metabolism and LYME

Here is my thoughts on bread and it's responses to Lyme issues. Keep in mind I am not a dietitian or a Doctor. Not that it has any barring on what is knowledgeable when it comes to Tick-borne related issues or any other autoimmune issue for that matter. So before you run right out and change all of your eating habits, you might consider chatting with either one of these occupations as long as they are Lyme Literate and not simply educated through a conventional 15-minute introduction to Lyme at the big U.

Bread as we know it comes in mostly plastic wrappers.

I have found breads are not all created equal. Much of the white bread is made with (Ingredients: Enriched Wheat Flour)

1. White Bread - Most people eat white bread unless there is a health issue with Bloating. (Gas or Cell) My issue is Fatty cell bloating throughout the body. You can watch this by pitching your Love Handles as we call them at your hip sides. Enriched wheat flour will add two inches to my fat layer, and I will be sluggish and tired. A dietitian can offer much better wording perhaps. The important thing to me is what I pinch and feel and see, is also what I cant pinch, cant feel and cant see.

2. Wheat bread - Now we get a bit involved for some. If you like so-called wheat bread and prefer the taste and seem to get these awful bloating issues. You still may be eating (Enriched Wheat Flour Bread). This is how many Restaurants honor the patron's wishes with Wheat bread. But the sad part is: Labeled (Ingredients: Enriched Wheat Flour Bread) does the same damage to some people and cells as most White Bread.

3. 100 % Whole Wheat Bread - (Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour) makes the difference for me. If I stay away from Enriched wheat flour, I do not bloat. The Ingredients Label on the wrapper will tell you what you need to know as a rule. The enriched wheat Flour in NON-Whole Wheat Bread is obviously very unhealthy for the late-stage or possibly early-stage Lyme sufferer. I do find myself eating a white bun in a restaurant from time to time. I also fall for the wheat sub bun when ordering out. But in large, I stay away from Enriched wheat flour bread, because it is not Whole Wheat Bread.

I was given the information from my first Lyme Literate Doc who was a pioneer of his day in Lyme treatment and deeply threatened and chastised in courts by the powers that be by the CDC, IDSA, NIH, and license compromises that he was limited to what he could do as an Insurance covered doctor and what his patients could turn into their insurance companies. Therefore he could not practice medicine without charging cash only from patients. So you and I owe him. (no names mentioned).

As it happens, one of the main subordinates and understudies of the powers that be, or Gods In White Coats That I write about on my site and in my book Through Challenge and Lyme Disease by David R Thomas, actually runs and is controlling the Covid19 Pandemic and is advisor to the leaders of the world. 4252021


I was asked to submit my thoughts on the present Lyme issues. I submited the following. 

Dear Journal,


   My cause for better Tick-borne diseases understanding by the medical community and higher education is not filtering through the channels of Big U. learning channels. But is coming from the grassroots fieldwork of Medical professionals that understand, there is something wrong from top-tier learning, down to the medical advisor to the patient. When only the patient has the answers to their own successes or demise. 

 This medical climate through Covid Pandemic has also clouded the importance of Tick disease issues and increased the Lyme and co-infections such as Bartonella, Babesiosis, Anaplasmosis among many others infectious spread by at least 150,000 victims per year in the USA alone. Up from 425,000 annually (This comes from a CDC post recently)

 There will not be a valued medical Tick defense system until all medical professionals, from first responders to specialists of all areas of medicine stop blowing this responsibility off to the next office.  

 We must educate the complete medical system. The best way at this time as I see it is to start listening to the surviving speakers and educators and the Lyme Literate community that is in place at Ilads. ( International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society ) and many very knowledgeable characters fighting for updated Lyme medical practices.

 We must restart learning global Tick disease prevention practices that have been diluted through population growing neglect and medical gaslighting for higher profit-taking and misdiagnosis from/to the patient.

 There are great Lyme prevention programs available in the ready-to-educate world. 

We need to be using this now.

Video version available Herehere.

Thank you for your time,

David R Thomas

Lyme advocate and consultant

Through Challenge and Lyme



Seasons a​re changing 

  Please Read

 Dear friends of A Hope 4 Lyme,

The seasons are changing and with Spring comes the ticks and a renewed awareness of the important role we play in our community. We are looking for people who can bring new ideas and fresh passion to our organization. If you have any interest in sharing your talents and time with A Hope 4 Lyme we would love to hear from you. Please respond to this email if you are interested.

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Posted on May 16, 2017 at 4:16 PM Comments comments (14)
  I answered an appeal for help today from a frustrated late stage Lyme sufferer that is now in the darkness of lyme. This might seem harsh to a non-lyme sufferer. But from those who have made the journey, my reply is as true as it gets for many. My reply follows.


  You do what many of us have had to do. Get a good bankruptcy lawyer. Took me 5 years, and by that time. I was worthless and wished I was dead. Took my wife 5 rejections to get her last rejection, and this poor girl was on her last leg. Then the courts waited until she was old enough to force her into retirement and now she gets very little of that. This country is not here for you. Don't count on this country or its courts. The last disability judge my wife had was middle eastern and we could not understand him well. As soon as you start realizing reality. Your life will start turning around. Sucks to be us but bankruptcy deterred the families hate for us and called off the wolves until you and only you can get your defense together that you are waiting to come from a mysterious place. This lyme epidemic is the worst evil a living soul can challenge. You can do this or give up. Only two choices. We are here too and we have been there. Welcome to hell. We will see you on this side when you get back from your journey. With love, support and maybe some guidance from the Lyme community. You can get here. You will see life through different eyes, You will feel life through different skin, you will experience life through an expert. David R Thomas


Posted on August 28, 2013 at 2:29 PM Comments comments (1)
 Hey Dave where did you contact this Lyme desease from anyway just wondering is it cause you live in the woods or you camp alot and got it from the ticks there...???? · 
     David R Thomas Who knows Herb. I grew up on the farm and was there until my late 30's. I am an outdoorsmen, hunting, fishing, But my wife was never a farmer and she was stricken with 4 or 5 strains of tic bite diseases and I and the Lyme assn. would blame this on feeding deer in the back yard for years, and bird feeders are now becoming a factor. If I were doing any of these things which I would most enjoy. I would buy a bag of tic repellent from your lawn and garden store and cover your lawn with it. Also when the kids go outside and play in the yard I would spirts them with a sprit "not a heavy dose" of tic repellent if they were to rump and roll in the grass as they live to do. " lower legs, groin, back of neck and arm pits." These in my mind and others are red flag areas for tics. Tics see body heat like an infrared camera. It has been studied that a lone star tic (not related to Texas) can detect your heat signature from 30,ft away. Thank Herb for your question.


Posted on August 28, 2013 at 2:24 PM Comments comments (4)
I am asked often about my wife's and my lyme issues and I usually say “so so”. Buy then sometimes people want to know what some of these other ailments are that we talk of and why are we challenging yet another ailment. I begin to tell the person that lyme is often just one of the infections you get from a tic bite. (((( There is a brochure and booklet that you can get by contacting the Lyme assoc. or your local lyme group as mine is and they can help you further as much of my info. comes from those groups. You can also contact me at and my contact page at this website and join me in my blog.)))) There is a group of co-infections that often come with a tic bite and they are becoming more prominent as our lymers ( Lyme infected Doctors ) as we like to call them learn and challenge each infection that an individual may have. I was tested positive in 05 with lyme and the test was in infancy stages and very accurate for it became a good tool but not as good as a lyme literate doctor who often shared in the unfortunate infection. Now with better tests the labs can find different strains of tic bite diseases like B.Burgdorferi which is what the lyme causing bacteria is called and then co-infections Babbesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, Bartonella, Rickettsia, Candida. These co-infections complicate things dramatically and may take years to tackle one or two, Or you may be able to take a certain med combo for one Co-infection and not for another. Sometimes You find stomach bacteria such as H.Pylori that is a gut infection that has been around infecting much of the worlds population by 50%. A person who has a lot of trouble keeping meds down could have H. Pylori. What I think happened in our experience was the meds were put into the gut to combat a tic related disorder and it would end up doing battle with the H Pylori that would always win the battle. Then the Doctor stepped back and took a test for H. Pylori and received a positive test. The H. Pylori was treated with 10day treatment and now we are treating lyme and co-infections. If you suffer from over bloating, Diarrhea, constipation, or just out of the blue stomach discomfort. You might talk with your doctor about it or have him refer you to a stomach specialist..There you have it in a nut shell and it gets much more complicated and to dump all of this on a mainstream family doctor is a bit much I'm sure. But as I say in many of my articles. A really good lyme doctor often either has lyme or is treating somebody very close to his heart with lyme. Thank you, Author-David R Thomas


Posted on April 4, 2013 at 10:21 PM Comments comments (1146)
  There was an article from a FB friend and fellow lymee “Lyme Disease: The more you know” that I felt compelled to relate to. She was hoping to be able to find help with getting IV antibiotics for her cognitive brain problems related to lyme. My lyme Literate Doctor asked me to  try something different first and it has appeared to work. 
I can understand your frustration with cognitive problems. I was also a mess when I found a lyme specialist that I needed my wife by my side all the time so that I could find my way back from the restroom, much less find my way to the doctors. Which happened to be 5 hrs. away. But when I got there he evaluated me and put me on clarithrmycin for a # of months working my way up to 1000mg a day. Mycins cross the brain barrier as many don't know. I began to experience improvement in about three weeks or less and it took me about a year to get back to myself as I am now. Since then I have written a short book and published that experience and also wrote and published another experience that I was fortunate to have with my Son Noah through the spirit and message from a Great Grandpa down to my son Noah. It was a very long road and I have lost some very wonderful friends in my life for their frustration through ignorance of Lyme has made it's memory indelible. But I have been blessed with the new friends and family that I have made for myself. You can to and if you need to talk feel free to call or email me.
“Lyme Disease: The more you know” - David, that's very good to hear. About what percent of *before lyme normal* do you feel now?
   I would say and I disgust this with my wife. I have recovered about 80% maybe more of my before lyme diagnosis brain of 15 to 20%. I can now again trust myself to help with the grandkids and my family knows that I may never get back to much better. But I am very happy that I am able to use my brain for helping others get to good help. Your 4th stage lyme as I think you have as. Needs attention by a lyme master and unfortunately there are not enough of them. I know a couple of people who have done the IV and had good results but ended in bankruptcy. I think this was as good for me although the lyme devastated my heart and other functions. But I am functional and able to manage myself quite well again as for not having to need my wife holding my hand. When I was diagnosed, My doctor thought from looking and talking about my history that I had Lyme over 28 years before and that was 06, Good luck with your search for treatment. I can also be reached at [email protected] .
David R Thomas