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Posted on August 28, 2013 at 2:42 PM Comments comments (7)
My wife Linda and I were driving home from her Lyme appointment as the trips are called now. We were noticing a change in our health and habits as we struggle through our challenges with Lyme and other tic born co-infections. After I was bitten sometime ago. It is assumed by my Lyme specialist back in the 70s. I slowly became very susceptible to colds and flu problems. It was always an on going challenge to stave of the next sinus attack or gut virus and flu, then my muscular system began to pain awful through the years. I just figured it was something that happens as you grow older. I took enough lumps through the years and it was very easy to write it all off as ruff and tumble pay back. But then::: Well I''ll leave that part to my book at “ MY SUCCESSES THROUGH CHALLENGE AND ADVERSITY “ As I said Linda and I were noticing that sometime after I started treating my Lyme and taking my supplements which are a necessity. I am seeing that I respond better to ongoing virus issues of the public. It has been sometime since I can remember a sinus infection or a bad cold. I just remembered the upper respiratory problems that I was always getting at least twice a year. It was horrible. I would dose up on antibiotics two or three times a year and before long you start to wonder. None of my friends lived on Rx drugs. They didn't seem to be in a lot of pain all the time. It got to the point I couldn't even think straight. Well now I think we are on to something here. I don't remember my last sinus attack, my guts don't seem to bother me as much, and my autoimmune system is up to par. I must say that without the supplements I could not survive the antibiotics. Did you know that when you take antibiotics you should also take some strong probiotics to help beef up the intestinal flora to help keep up your autoimmune responses when you are in contact with a virus and such. A lot of doctors will tell you to eat lots of yogurt. I feel that is good if you are healthy and you want to keep an active gut balance of good bacteria. God knows what all goes into our guts at any given time. But avoiding people I feel don’t help you either. Attacks on your auto immune system is what strengthens your autoimmune system. The trouble is in the gut where we as a society have pumped so much antibiotics into our bodies that our intestinal flora is depleted and there for dropping our bodies guard to the fight of disease. I can say now that I have found a balance in my probiotics that work for me. I feel those who take less than 1 Billion count acidophiles (probiotics) may get some help in keeping up a healthy flora. But if you are taking antibiotics you need 1 Billion + to keep ahead of the die off of flora in the gut as a result from antibiotics. I am required to take 10 Billion + count bacteria (probiotics) to keep up my digestive and auto immune strength. It is an ongoing challenge and my wife and I are starting to feel we may win this battle somehow. I hope this helps some of you in your frustrations with illness. By David R Thomas