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Hello all and welcome to my web/blog.

I have been doing Through Challenge and Lyme for a number of years now as JOURNEY THROUGH CHALLENGE and Lyme / D&L THOMAS to help educate and perhaps relieve some of your fears and help educate the public about some of the issues we face in the Tick-Borne Disease World. I am changing my web/blog a bit for there has been so much change in the Tick disease world that we can't identify with just Lyme advocate. When we started there was LYME disease and maybe coinfections. Today we know and prefer to call this field Diseases because of all of the illnesses that are possible and likely when getting a tick (or bite) There has been a very good improvement in the information world of related issues and with many very good places to land and read on the internet and conferences that many of us can take in if we choose to do so. There have been great sites out there such as, or and a new well build site at PALRN at ( The later is your new PA. Lyme info education website. There are other sites out there that I draw from and some great info-sharers that I have come to trust. Such as my favorite local Lyme group A Hope 4 Lyme at Thank you and hopefully, you will enjoy my new look and Web/Blog name.

Thank you,

David R Thomas


 A Poet For The Times


Those little bugs finally made it there,

congratulations on finding the arterial stair

and being so inventive on getting where

all the functions are controlled...

and how you sing Rock & Roll,

but I won't go down without a fight...

without a rhyme, or poem tonight,

or song, or diatribe against the denial so wide...

it makes the Mississippi look like a creek... you step aside!

I will not go quietly into the night

controlled by those who downplay our plight

or turn away, from the screams of pain of children

crying out in fright, or the long-timers like me...

who no one wants to see,

and " WHY can't you just go away? Peacefully? "

NO! I will not give you respite... nor reprieve...

I will be "in your face" until my dying breath...

because you deny us - and refuse to believe...

there is an illness amongst us... not acknowledged yet

that is devastating millions... YOU REFUSE TO SEE!

PS: I ain't ready to "kick the bucket"

so don't write me off -

or ship me to Nantucket!

I am a wily old cuss...

I ain't goin without causin' a fuss!

hMichael Judson


Helping KIDS with Tick Bite infections world-wide.


Tick Transmitted infections...

BIG C's Little L


Blog page 

Check out my new entry on my Blog page

"Chronic Lyme disease Rare"

My Thoughts and Journey Through COVID

Hello all, Some of you might be nervous, anxious about the future of this COVID battle/pandemic. I thought I would offer my insight, as my wife and I have been trying to play by the rules.

We are not changing much, going into cold weather except when it comes to clustering with groups outside our small circle.

With school starting and kids mingling. There needs to be much less stress waxing and waiting for our immune responses.

Linda and I have decided to cancel out of a sports show tomorrow as cluster infections are so very possible with groups outside of groups congregating.

So this is where our thoughts and premonitions are weighing in.

1. We must have some contact with the outside world.

2. Our circle requires a mask, even if I must go get it.

3. Our circle is small with family and a few very close friends. (Understanding that they also have their circles)

4. We have been going to restaurants, picnicking from fast food or homemade meals.

5. Facing the challenge is much easier with a plan.

6. Excepting the possibility that we may not live through this pandemic. But as our devastating Lyme and tick-borne health issues have taught us. Doing this alone will kill us also.

7. Think before you go out. Make sure you get your loven in your circle.

8. If you see someone in distress. Act responsibly with a mask. Remember, mask protects them, not you.

9. Keep it simple and safe.

10. If I don't make it through this pandemic, as it is difficult to get tested if you feel there is a problem anyway. You will likely find me in the Euchre sits of heaven, tipping a couple with Bob should I run into him.

Hope this helps,

David and Linda Thomas from Through Challenge and Lyme -,

I am the author of Journey Through Challenge and Lyme and advocacy that tries to stay with the symptoms of vector-borne diseases depression, neuropathic pain, anxiety, as we all face this pandemic from Lyme, Bartonella, Babesiosis and many others. We hope you can find something that will help your decision making to better health.

Welcome to my new project that will take over the investment and education department for Journey through Challenge and Lyme, here at I should introduce you to my outdoor store at



Silence is Golden in Lyme

 I have been thinking that when the top medical Infectious Diseases hospitals tell you they don't do Lyme diseases there. Or say they know about Lyme diseases and use inferior testing and treatments or none at all. I have found them to be puppets of higher powers. The less there is mentioned of Tick-borne related issues in the medical community, the more profit from misdiagnosed symptoms for the stock Holders of BIG PHARMA that happens to be the controllers of the puppets. IN MY OPINION.

" The Lyme Community voices must become louder than silence. The costs of lawsuits must exceed the profit margins before stockholders will allow change." David R Thomas

David R Thomas - Tick-borne Diseases advocacy,

Note To My Readers

Here is my evaluation of the new suggested Lyme Treatment guidelines.

Legacies of our Generation


In My Opinion. I am greatly disappointed in the control of testing that is suggested to be avoided in lines 281 - 285 as many or all of those tests are helpful for selected patients.

My disappointment in this guideline is, it is suggested to be only Lyme related and goes on to dictate the suggested/control of the IDSA/ANN/ACR. I see no change in characters involved from the old Lyme guidelines to the new suggested guidelines. I see only self-survival in these guidelines as they are not including the very surviving and Literate Lyme community that has come to educate the Lyme literate community. The highly educated/so-called intelligent medical community has once again claimed control of the intellectual promise of failure in these guidelines, without the Lyme communities input and expertise. I see more "off the cuff branding" of a suggestion than actual scientific advancing. The characters involved with these guidelines will hopefully be investigated and proper use of guidelines in these devastating medical decisions of the 1980s and '90s will shed three or 4 of these authors as they were in part affiliated with this dreadful medical debacle that I have come to understand.

I feel line 52 pg 2 should include LLMD with Lyme Literate Medical personnel suggested.

The new guidelines suggestions of the CDC/ANN/ACR Line 914 pg.39 are Still talking False positives, What will it take to bring the outdated in the box thinkers out of the dark ages and expand on their outdated reign of terror.

Legacies, In 100 years you will be our legacy.

Egos, The egos of the powers that be will shine in disappointment.

Bottoms up, As this devastating medical debacle continues to get educated from the bottom-up, rather than from the big U. down. The field studies are still where it is at and should be mentioned here.

What will we leave, We will leave devastation and death to our future descendants if this is not handled correctly, and is at the present control.

What has changed, = Nothing but talk and whitewash?

Playing pocket pool with the futures of our descendants by the CDC/IDSA controllers is now on the public and the great work that is coming out of great organizations around the world. If only they were allowed to be heard by the powers that be.

More of the same = That is my evaluation of the suggested CDC/ANN/ACR.

I repeat, " What will it take to bring the outdated "in the box thinkers" out of the dark ages and expand on their outdated reign of terror?

Thank you,

David R Thomas

Tick-borne diseases Advocate, Presenter,

Educator of Tick-borne prevention


There is one thing that many chronically ill sufferers don't realize sometimes. Mold and/or Mildew can add to a very bad situation. For Tick-borne related illness sufferers. I feel it can make the difference between responding to therapy and Not responding well to therapy. I know some people who claim to have beat their Tick-borne issues by eliminating the mold. Here is a pretty good article I feel for identifying and dealing with mold. Go here

THE PERILS OF INVISIBLE DISEASE AND LYME RELATED ISSUES, has brought me full circle in life. I have found that what is perceived as professional medicine has become distorted in the many minds that control medicine. This means that when a Doctor is taught one thing that his professors believe to be tried and true knowledge of a disease, the Doctor will likely not sway from those teachings. These are the controllers of medicine.

The Doctors are, for the most part, not trouble-shooters and problem-solvers as they are book learners. They may want you to think they are king of the patients’ world. However, in the world of silent diseases such as tick-borne issues, they are often the patients’ dimming hope and demise.

Doctors do not go to school to learn to be doctors today. It seems to me that most go for the money and they figure that all they have to do is memorize books of teachings - which are outdated. Then they deliver the outdated information to the patient. This is all smoke and mirrors.

The Doctor is often left with frustration, and a big fat paycheck, that is really hindering the health of the country rather than improving the health of the country. We need to take the control of pharmacy and drug producers away from pharmacy-controlled Doctors, politicians and insurance companies. I feel all medical leaders are pharmacy bought and paid. They are in control of a profit machine that is, in truth, destroying world health programs and benefiting from the great profit machine. This is the great bottom line.

This brings me to outdated medical practices. My research has found that outdated medicine has hindered the medical and patient communities concerned with Lyme and co-infections. In the ‘non-Lyme literate’ world, nine out of 10 general practitioners don't recognize our disease, but they can name the many symptoms caused by our disease. There is a pill for most symptoms related to tick-borne related health issues.

For patients, this is frustrating. We know that there is something within us that the medical community is not dialing in on or is just not seeing. At this point, we patients are labeled as complainers or hypochondriacs looking for attention. The medicines that are used are often not or are very effective in subduing symptoms that only return to come back later and resulting in another round of medicines.

Many patients become addicted to opiates, or just plain need those to get through the day. Many of the medicines that pharmaceutical companies make today often do very little in the fight against tick related issues. The drugs often prescribed for tick-borne diseases patients are used incorrectly, even if they are of great use for other illnesses. There was a time when in a Doctor’s office was commonplace, and Doctors were free to diagnose and treat according to their experience and judgment. Today, you need to be a courageous Lyme sufferer-fighter to be trouble-shooter, as some patients and Doctors have had to become. These warriors are often forced into this role when they decide to diagnose and treat tick-borne issues, or the sandbox war-related Sand flea-delivered or even Mosquitoes delivered Lyme.

Our medical system has found itself comfortable and profitable in a disease system –more than in a true diagnosis and system. Our profitable disease system will have to change as Lyme and associated diseases mimic over 300 different illnesses and diseases.

We in the invisible disease community take hard emotional hits when friends find us unbelievable –because, according to their outdated book learning, the doctors say we are not sick. This creates a very hard lonely world that only the sufferer can understand … unless they know other invisible disease sufferers. We are isolated by our medical advisers and health professionals. However, this is changing as more medical professionals, politicians and power brokers find themselves fighting our fight when they are infected with Lyme and co-infections.

This brings me to the next issues of designing new cures, reinventing old cures and new sciences. These will be our next generation medicines and even includes natural supplements that have been proven helpful in the tick-borne related disease fight. We are discovering many forgotten natural therapies. Over the years, I feel these natural tools were deliberately marketed out of the knowledge base of medicine by the great American marketing machine. Natural healing tools were displaced in favor of the Great Lab designer drugs of today; this includes antibiotics such as penicillin.

I am seeing great strides in understanding natural remedies for various diseases. I also understand my own experiences that designer medications are not as always as helpful as natural remedies. When I was on the farm as a young man, we treated a cow with ‘fouls of the foot’. I believe the dose then was no more than 10-ml injection of penicillin. Today, that same cow would likely get a 30-ml injection of some antibiotics other than penicillin.

We now better understand why we are needing so much more medicine to control diseases. We better understand the biofilm that bacteria and/or antibiotics tend to produce as a defense mechanism. These new scientific understanding about biofilms will help many other disease sufferers in the future. I hope scientific discoveries around biofilm are not thwarted by Big money interests that will lose profits because of this valuable knowledge.

Now we go to how to deliver medicine, and this requires politics and education to educate the medical community in how to treat the problems of tick-borne disease related issues. We Lyme sufferers have had tre many of these issues out for ourselves; this can make us look like witch doctors instead of patients. People tend to shy away and listen to the gods in white coats that are expected to know all the answers. This is, in part, some of our own doing. We have fallen into the trap that the best guide to good health is our doctor. This all puts the sufferers in some very lonely, shut out, relationships with friends, family, non-Lyme Literate communities.

If we are not supporting the great medical machine in our country, we Lyme sufferers will likely be condemned to die of slow agonizing painful death and many other ailments that may be caused by Lyme infection –including Alzheimer's, MS, just to name a couple. For example, when you go to a pharmacy and order needed medicines for tick-borne related issues, the pharmacists do not understand the complexity solving the Lyme problem.

Profiting from medicine has become a very big problem. For our survival, we in the invisible diseases world often require many drugs. This puts a very big strain on the finances of the family. Why wouldn't a country that knows the Lyme diagnostic tests are faulty want to go one step further and develop and use a more sensitive diagnostic test for Lyme? I feel that profit may have thwarted any funding or progression in the sciences of tick-borne related issues.

I heard or read once from the Lyme Action Network, the 501c3that is based in NYS, or you might read about this in the book “Cure Unknown – Inside the Lyme Epidemic, the 2013 revised edition, by Pamela Weintraub” that this was addressed in a high-profile meeting at Dearborn Conference around 1996; this was voted on and decided that Lyme was not lucrative enough to take on. I guess there is enough evidence of that.

I am trying to understand how a medical community has found it so easy to discard the Lyme sufferer as having the many imaginative ailments we are all accused of having. This kind of quackery is practiced by licensed practitioners when they mislead their patients and the public by saying they are up to date on the Lyme issues. In fact, they usually refer to ‘expert opinion’ that has not been validated and outdated publications. Meanwhile, licensed Lyme literate doctors (or LLMD) – backed by decades of successful clinical practice treating Lyme sufferers, and many publications behind them, are under the threat of Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Diseases Societies of America (IDSA) malpractice accusations.

We in the Lyme community cannot afford most of the medical advice without financial help. But the Pharmaceutical industry is flourishing because of the high demand for these special drugs needed for tick-borne related issues. Then there are the natural treatments that are not covered by insurance. These supplements are often too costly for Lyme sufferers because poor health has led to job loss.

Even accessing medicine is a challenge for many Lyme and tick-borne disease patients. This is because of CDC/IDSA pressure to not treat Lyme sufferers over a 21-day treatment protocol. The guidelines that promote this strict protocol have been taken down from the federal National Guidelines Clearinghouse (NGC) because they fail to meet internationally accepted guidelines set by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and are recognized by Health and Human Services (HHS) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

There are Lyme treatment guidelines that meet these 2011 IOM standards and they are posted on the NGC –they are by the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS). It is very frustrating that the CDC continues to promote the outdated and delisted guidelines and ignores the updated guidelines. This will have to be addressed before there is in the Lyme world which is all of us.

I have found that so many invisible disease sufferers find themselves ridiculed, shunned family, society, community and sometimes from the very support system that should have been there when one gets sick. We, in the Lyme world, find there is not the understanding needed for our very survival. This comes from the lack of knowledge in the general medical community ry knowledge that is required to help diagnose and heal these sufferers.

I have found that if a person is diagnosed with known and provable Cancer they can walk out the Hospital door with the Hospital behind them, family support and financial backing (that has become more of an industry and profit machine than a professional responsible health system). This is the USA that I

The Lyme issue and associated diseases can replicate many different diseases and mystifies 98% of my country's medical communities. We are on the cusp of making great strides in Invisible diseases through new discoveries of this Lyme research.

You have heard me bounce in and out, and back and forth, about how I feel the USA is failing people regarding tick-borne related diseases. The wider world may be waiting for the USA to get it right and I hope we are making strides toward this goal. For now, the invisible disease sufferer mostly relies on support groups to share their experience and get possible knowledge for their own journey through the darkness of Lyme. In closing, I say again, “The Lyme epidemic will not be appreciated until long after it is eradicated.”,

You can see this speech in video and author at

David R Thomas

Lyme Advocate

--Author: David R Thomas



    Editorial support was provided by Jenna Luché-Thayer, who has 32 years working globally on the rights of the marginalized in over 40 countries. She is a former Senior Adviser to the United Nations and US Government, the Founder and Director of Global RBCC™ - Helping institutions recognize and respond to the pandemic of borreliosis diseases, the Director of the Ad Hoc Committee for Health Equity in ICD11 Borreliosis Codes

and Founder of the Global Network on Institutional Discrimination™.


The on is here again. For those who are doing there best to avoid as many confrontations with Ticks or Lyme issues. This is for your property preparation.

Click here for printable pdf

Ticks are most likely to be in woods, where woods meet lawn, where lawn meets fields, tall brush/grass, under leaves, cover (low growing vegetation), near stone walls or wood piles, shady areas, around bird feeders, outside pet areas.

What you can do to lower your/your pet's exposure to ticks on your property:

• Keep your lawn mowed (ticks hide in tall grass)

• Rake up leave and grass clippings (ticks hide under leaves/grass clippings)

• Keep ground cover trimmed away from walkways (ticks are close to pathways)

• Place stone walls/woodpiles as far as possible frose (rodents live there & carry ticks)

• Place a wood chip barrier between your property and wooded/field areas (ticks may not cross)

• Place swing sets and other in the sunny areas, away from woods/fields (ticks hate sun)

• Keep bird feeders away from your house (rodents seek dropped bird food & carry ticks)

• Consider controls for small mammals e.g., mice (they carry ticks which get Lyme from them)

• Consider deer fencing in areas where deer populations are high (deer transport ticks)

• Keep outside pet areas cleared of leaf an.ogs canarry loose ticks inside)

More detailed information on property management can be found in these 2 publications. LDA does not endorse any products or particular practices but provides links for informational purposes.




I shared this welcome article as a Christmas gift and it would be nice to share it as a new Year starter also. That is how big this is.

There has been a greaft you and your unborn descendants this year. This is a great step forward. I don't know if you have heard the good news yet. But we got the federal constitution to include Lyme language and Tick related disease issues in the new 21rst Century Cures Act. It is now law and must be dealt with. And Lyme advocates Doctors for and against, scientists must be present and represented at the group discussions. How about that. I would send you the link but you can get that at the Long way to go for solutions, but a start in my mind can now begin. Again MERRY CHRISTMAS and thank you to all of the great minds that made this happen.


Tickease Tick puller

 It is I David at [email protected] Thomas. I have been talking with Dan Wolff of the Tick removal system. He has allowed me to include this great product on my site and offer it to you. I will include links for you to order from me at my products page or go straight to Tick man Dan. I will also have a small my presentations with perhaps a discount for orders.

If you are inclined to order from him right now. His link is:


This is what it's all about. Dr. Horowitz has the understanding and experience. We should be listening.



I have so busy with my Advocating for I thought I should share as I have on my Facebook page with some of that only sees my Web/blog. I just wrote an article on my experience with CBD oil for my Persister Lyme. For those who feel that I have taken the wrong road for this pain and Visual difficulties, I can suspect they are You can find my CBD evaluation on my Blog page at


Jenna -Thayer

I am honored to share with you with permission from Jenna -Thayer some great work she has been doing lately in the Lyme and Tick related diseases epidemic. Jenna's credentials are also listed after the videos. She has earned the Lyme communities respect as so many have. all you do. I have dedicated a page to her recent wock Here

David R Thomas



Training a medical community about Lyme will be difficult until we have their attention. we are getting that through their own experiences in themselves or the sufferings of their loved ones.

I think our medical community is not taught Lyme disease as Lyme disease is today. Lyme iis today. Lyme disease and it's possible co-infections are not covered in the small introductory class at the big U. Our professors do not teach Lyme correctly and so our medical community has no knowledge to apply to their experience. The only experience our medical has been learned from a Non-Lyme literate professor. Education, Education, Education.

Until there is something better.

in my mind is the best thing going right in the knowledge end of management of Lyme disease with several very good groups in medicine following. This will need the influences of many fields of medicine and this is why I am a believer in alternative and integrative medicine. The first hurdle is recognition by all of the medical community.



I am coming along and finding myself through my challenges and sharing my Lyme experience with the world. I research patterns and successes through Lyme issues and write and educate blog/website at As an advanced Lyme or even sharing my knowledge as a Lyme advocate. I feel I can update responders the ravages of advanced Lyme/late stage Lyme and the many sufferers that are going to be coming forth in the future as we Lyme advocates educate the - Lyme literate community such as the present day Medical and first responder community. If you would be a part of this slowly changing but I would like to hear from you. I do presentations or go to house's and homes or meet in a parking lot someplace and chat (In the shade). This is an epidemic, and mainstream medicine just does not get it yet. Hence the term "They won't get Until they get it." Don't be one of them.

Sayre, Pa.


PS: If you are not inclined to chat with me. You can also go


or for info and now we have at Penna. Lyme Network and is another great site. Very good info for the Lyme and communities to gain knowledge of this Lyme issue.

Medical professionals might even try

to bring them up to speed.


Thank you fome,

David R Thomas - Lyme :

I hope you all enjoy and learn something from our web/blog and if you are incline to read more about our Journey through challenge and Lyme. You can go to my timeline at




Dr. McDonald is very up to Lyme and Alzheimer's. His research that has brought the two together has been revolutionary. I would like to you about Lyme and Alzheimer's. Just click here or copy and paste the following link.


God bless all of us who are paving the way for future generations, They will read our story of denial by medicine, Courage by suffering, a shorten life by disease, and fight for their future. Keeng my friends for they will know why. By David R Thomas





IT IS THE SEASON TO PREPARE YOUR LAWNS FOR PLAY. Here is a video I put make your own tube.

perm VID1

tick tubes , Video



Click here




This page and in your search the title Thank you.

Click here  


The Movies

I have taken the opportunity to let my wife video from her I-phone a short clip in how to accurately remove a tick within the boundaries of the new sciences of disease. This method least excites the tick and does not regurgitate stomach into the bite area as bad and resulting in infection.

This video is just to show you how ticks move and how fast they move. They do not jump, skip, fly or flag you down. But ticks do target, grab, and wait patiently for their blood meal sometimes for weeks.

For those in the Local "Ahopeforlyme" group area.

If you are interested in a Lyme presentation with a Lyme advocate.

You can contact or at 5708821230.

New York - Broome, Chemung, Schuyler, Steuben, Tioga, and Tompkins

Pennsylvania - Bradford, Clinton, Lycoming, Potter, and Tioga.


My History discovery about Lyme is here

This article is about something that struck me as I was right there struggling the same challenges and I could see through his eyes as he wondered what was happening to his world as I did through my adversity finding answers through Lyme disease. CLICK HERE




I have tried to research this and have put together a few words but will need much more than I am getting. But there is some good news the handling and a couple of thoughts through my experience with this monster I haved my blog. Click here



A very interesting article that you can go to at:

click here




In there is only one difference. Enzymes are good for added digestive support for those who have problems in the gut and we all need them. Probiotics are for those who are abusing gut or digestive system with of meds such as Lyme sufferers and many other diseases that require many meds to recover. There are doctors who have never heard of such a thing and just know that it is not a good idea to put anybody on long durations of antibiotics. But they also have never their patients to support their digestive system with probiotics when taking any type of medicine that kills anything in the body. Many years ago when antibiotics were relatively new we never realized that if we kill the bad bugs in our system that we also must kill the good bugs. So why would it not make sense to back up with a powerful Now some people take low bacterint probiotics that help with their digestive But for those on meds as I am I have experimented with different products and found that anything with less than 2 billion of supplementing your immune system as it should. I have found for myself that 15 my comfort zone. You can figure this out with your bodies signals such as activity. I have found if I take more than I need, I will hard and if I don't take enough that I But the important thing is if I don't take anything, I will kill all the flora in intestines l die with it a deficient bowl. There are many products out there of probiotics and I have tried one. There r forms that can get you up to 50 billion or there are capsules that carry 22 billion count bacteria right to your intestinal tract and then Remember that when taking powder form you must get that powder to the intestines where it does and most will die in the stomach digestive acids before it ever has a chance to get where it needs to be. I am becoming more of a believer in supporting our digestive systems as our food supply tighter and the world requires larger fruits and vegetables to support the supply. There is a lot more than just taking probiotics when it comes to recovering from advanced problems. But for those people out there who are suffering weight, gut problems such as diarrhea, constipation, intestinal viruses. You might talk to your doctor about supplementing with a good probiotic that carries at least 20 billion count bacteria and going from there. I have found that price and quality NOT always mean effectiveness. But for I am sold on high bacteria quality from reputable companies. If your doctor laughs at you as some will. You can talk to some very helpful nutritionist at vitamin shops such I have found at Natures Sunshine. Remember, I am not a doctor but an experience Talk to your doctor about supplements or a reputable nutritionist. David R Thomas




What does the face of a sufferer look like? The following new children's author is one example of a disease infected woman who refuses to give up.


Daisy Stonefield , writer , illustrator , children's books

A Lyme sufferer who found herself as a children's book writer, Illustrator, Photographer.

  I am very proud to say Miss Molly is on our first book page and Hope you all enjoy her as she entertains the children. You will find Miss Molly Moo Cow's Birthday Party for purchase on our sales page by

NEW PRICES at $3.99


Good time plan for SPRING

all, I am here as I said to give you an idea of how to enjoy year if you are rightfully your health and your family's health. Tick problems and Lyme disease become a very important issue in the last few years. I feel this is just the beginning and if we don't taked this threat, it can be a very sad health issue for you and your family. But all is not lost if you learn to play the game as they say. You need to learn to protect yourself and learn the different ways that put you in jeopardy of tick illnesses such as disease and different co-infections such as Babesia, Ehrlichiosis, There are different recipes on the internet by looking up Natural Tick Repellant in your search bar. I understand it works well as long as it is followed correctly. I like the natural recipes that include Vera gel, rose geranium, and lavender. You should use this abundantly and cover yourself very well with this natural repellent. Then there are those over the counter tick repellents that work well if you don't mind a little that works well. These repellents need to be understood before use. There are clothing products with Permethrin that is recommended for those outdoor people who are out in tick territory often like campers, hunters, woodsmen and the like. Permethrin also goes by the name This product is designed for clothing only. Then there is my favorite: DEET products for us guys and my family who don't go out into it that often or go out short trips and not hiking like some, who don't get out that often would like some extra, easy, spritz here and there kind of thing. You should make sure you spritz your legs, arms, I like to fish and take my grandkids. So this is what I use. If I were to take them out often, I might the natural repellent. According to I have read up on about Deet. more than 30 and children can use up to 30% according to age, size. Infants under 2 months of age should not be exposed There is much more you can learn about preventing Tick-borne disease by typing this into your browser or if you prefer, your representative office offers some very good brochures for the outdoors and protection of your family. Then there is the clothing issue. You to cover up everything when out and about in the woods and trails to yourself. Take it from me or any of my hunting friends, it makes sense to protect yourself. But then there are those of us who are ten foot tall and who will prevail no matter what the cost. Take it from me and my wife who both suffer greatly We are no You all have a wonderful spring and summer and maybe I will see you out there somewhere enjoying what nature has to offer. Remember if you take the precautions to prepare for the outdoors, you will appreciate everything it has to offer. David R Thomas


This is what I like to see. Now see results. I am sure my letters to Washington had very little do with this development. But I did send letters and I feel like I am part of the solution.


ILADS Lyme Society from Washington, DC, 2013.ce and now moves to the Senate.


Wolf has long been an advocate for victims of Lyme disease. He has hosted numerous community forums in the 10th district to help educate residents and medical professionals about the dangers of Lyme and how to protect themselves when outdoors from tick bites.

Lyme is the most prevalent vector-borne disease in the U.S. today. If not diagnosed and treated early, Lyme disease can lead to disseminated infection and can affect every system in the body, including the central nervous system. Later symptoms of Lyme disease include arthritis of weight-bearing joints; neurological problems, such as facial paralysis, encephalopathy, memory problems, weakness of the extremities; and heart symptoms, such as heart block and inflammation of the heart muscle. Lyme has been reported in every U.S. state and is becoming more prevalent.

For more on Wolf’s work to prevent Lyme disease, visit his website here.


Washington, D.C. (June 13, 2013) – Language directing the Department of Agriculture (USDA) to continue to build on research efforts to combat Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses is included in an annual spending bill moving through Congress, according to Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA), a longtime leader on this issue.

The report language in the FY 2014 Agriculture Appropriations bill directs four agencies within the USDA to build on ways to protect humans and livestock from tick-borne and to consider how such diseases impact the local economy.

The measure was approved by the House Appropriations Committee today. It is expected to come before the full House later this mon


??????? I am asked why we are fighting something other than with my wife Linda. ???????  


I am asked often about my wife's and my issues and I usually say . then sometimes people want to know what some of these other ailments are that we talk of and why are we challenging yet another ailment. I begin to tell the person that is often just one of the infections you get from a bite. (((( There a brochure and booklet that you can get by contacting the or your local group as mine is and they can help you further as much of my info. comes from those groups. You can also contact me at and my contact page at this website and joime my blog.)))) There is a group of co-infections that often come with a bite and they are becoming more prominent as our lymers ( Lyme infected Doctors ) as we like to call thern and challenge each infection that an individual may have. I was tested positive in 05 with and the test was in infancy stages and very accurate for it became a good tool but not as good as a literate doctor who often shared in the unfortunate infection. Now with better the labs can find different strains of bite diseases like B. (LYME) which is what the causing bacteria is called and then co-infections Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, Bartonella, Rickettsia, Candida. These co-infections complicate things dramatically and may take years to tackle one or two, Or you may be able to take a certain med combo for one Co-infection and not for another. Sometimes You find stomach bacteria such as H.Pylori that is a gut infection that has been around infecting much of by 50%. A person who has a lot of trouble keeping meds down could have H. Pylori. What I think happened in our experience was the meds were put into the gut to combat a disorder and it would end up doing battle with the H Pylori that would always win the battle. Then the Doctor stepped back and took a test for H. Pylori and received a positive test. The H. Pylori was treated with treatment and now we are treating and co-infections. If you suffer Diarrhea, constipation, or just out of the blue stomach discomfort. You might talk with your doctor about it or have him refer you to a stomach specialist. There you have it in a and it gets much more complicated and to dump all of this on a mainstream family doctor is a bit much I'm sure. But as I say in many of my articles. A really good doctor often either has or is treating somebody very close to his heart Thank you, Author-David R Thomas


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